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From: Raleigh, North Carolina - Monday, 7:35 am

Sadan Gurgenci

Dear friend,

This is Sadan Gurgenci.

As you notice, there are no AdSense ads on this site. Because this is not one those garbage sites created solely to collect AdSense revenues.

I've created this website for you with the following mission in mind:

  • Provide you with free online Guide on all aspects of Marketing on Internet
  • Check out what is out there in the Internet Marketing minefield and help you avoid the scams
  • Recommend you tips and resources on Marketing on Internet that would lead you to your success on the Internet
  • Continue to evolve this site by adding new information on an ongoing basis

All articles are free to read. You don't even have to opt-in!

Why am I doing this?

Like the 6 blind men trying to describe an elephant in the ancient story, most of the products on Internet Marketing latch on only a small piece of the big picture… Yet, every sales pitch claims that their solution is the missing link that will lead you to the Holy Grail of success.

You can't afford to be basing your decisions on the misinformation provided to you by those so called Internet “gurus”…

So, I want to help you by providing you a map of the Internet landscape. Because, I was just like you before I met with the Internet Marketing Dream Team several years ago.

I plan to evolve this site by adding new information on an ongoing basis.

So visit here often and enjoy the benefits.

Best regards,

Sadan Gurgenci


"Wish You Could Eavesdrop On
The Mastermind Sessions With
The Internet Marketing Dream Team?"

Several years ago, I had managed to assemble the Dream Team of Internet Marketing. With their invaluable contributions, I created a roadmap for Internet marketing success called Internet Exposed System based on "Internet Success Triangle".

I've come to realize that in life and in business, best way to acquire a skill is to find the right teachers… the experts who have been there and done that. That was what I had done to master the skills that helped me to achieve great successes before.
I set-up “Mastermind Sessions” with the 19 Internet Grand Masters for you, each session focusing on their key areas of expertise. I got inside their brains, uncovered the secrets that made them stand out from the rest.

And I wouldn’t let them go until they gave me every bit of information that you can put, step by step into your business today.

All of the 19 have been there and done that. No crazy “gurus” or “flash-in-the pans” among them. They’re all real, down-to-earth people, like you.

They all generate at least 6-figure incomes -- some generate 7-figure incomes -- one even generates an 8-figure income!

I selected them, besides their proven success records, for their unique insights and expertise in a specific area of Internet Marketing.

Below, you see me with 3 of the Internet Marketing Dream Team members: Yanik Silver, Jonathan Mizel and Alex Mandossian. If you want to know more about the rest of the Greatest Internet Marketing Team Ever Assembled, Click anywhere on the pictures below:

"Internet Exposed System" was quite successful and received rave reviews.

I've sold Internet Exposed System for $997 which included my personal coaching and backed my iron-clad guarantee that you would start making money on the Internet in 91 days or less.

I am no longer selling that product; because I don't have time to provide the coaching any more.

"Removing this product from the market place felt like a crime!"


  • These Mastermind sessions with the Greatest Internet Marketing Team Ever Assembled is like a treasure chest full of invaluable gems.
  • We focused on fundamental strategies and tactics, they are evergreen. Everybody can still benefit from them.
  • Most of the contributors to these Mastermind sessions have become so successful, they are no longer available for one-on-one discussions anymore.
  • These Mastermind sessions provide vital insights what contributed to their successes.

After giving it a lot of thought, I found a practical way to make the invaluable knowledge captured in my Mastermind Sessions with the Grand Masters of Internet Marketing available to you at a small fraction of what I have been selling it for:

  • I am working on membership website. It will be available on my next birthday, May 10, 2010.
  • You can become a life time member for one time fee of $97 and you'll have access to all Mastermind session audios (19 hours 14 minutes in length).
  • Listen to them to your heart's content, as much as you want, whenever you want.

WAIT...There is more!

When you add your name to the Early Bird List now, I'll give you $40 discount when the your membership site becomes ready:

  • You will not be charged a cent, before the site is ready
  • I won't even ask for your credit card
  • All you need to do is to send me an email to register your name to Early Bird List.
  • When your membership site ready, I'll let you know.

Just Click On The Link Below:

Early Bird List

  • It will take you to your email which is already addressed to me.
  • Write "Early Bird List" on the Subject line and Send.

Early Bird List - Click Now



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