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´╗┐How Do You Choose the Right CRM Solution For You?

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Business must understand that customers are not necessarily going to remain loyal to their business as time goes by. Customers have a dozen other options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a product and service, therefore they have all the power. Business can use CRM to help retain customers, but before they do, they should understand what factors influence their ability to use and purchase CRM products.

Factors for Choosing CRM

Business size: The annual revenue of your company, number of regular customers and type of business should determine the best CRM solution for a company. Though a small business can learn a lot by reviewing case studies and understanding which CRM solutions medium and large enterprises choose these solutions are unlikely to be the best choice for the small business.

Staff constraints: As a small business, you do not want to tie up staff in training for CRM, especially if your business only has a handful of regular employees on the payroll. For best results look for solutions that require limited training and have a limited learning curve, making it ideal for employees regardless of their skill sets. A platform that takes time for employees to learn also decreases their productivity, the exact opposite of what your business is trying to accomplish.

Go with free: There are CRM solutions for businesses that have no cash to spare; however, you can expect these products to include advertising and offer less storage and data encryption.

Not all features used in a CRM software program are designed with your business in mind. Some however are useful to businesses in any category. All businesses require:

CRM Features Your Business Will Want

Encryption: Customer data needs to be protected, as a business owner you are required by law to keep customers information secure, so look for a CRM solution that offers at least 128-bit SSL data encryption.

Import/Export Options: When first creating a CRM solution you can save time by implementing existing customer contact information from spreadsheets and other services. In addition, when running reports or researching information on clients spending habits, location or other information pertinent to business success being able to export information to another program for creating charts and graphs can save you time.

Mass mailings: When sending out emails a CRM solution that supports mass emailing can make your job much faster. Businesses that require this service are mainly those that that send out client newsletters or want to send out coupons and deals to clients.

Calendar/event option: The ability to create a schedule is one of the most used features in CRM software. Employers and managers use schedules and calendars to inform field staff about meetings and show changes in their schedule. Staff can use schedules and events to know the correct date to call a regular client and remind the client to purchase additional supplies, as well as maintaining records of contact with clients.


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