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´╗┐Five Rules to Live by for Keyword Selection

from: Internet Exposed Files

When it comes to keyword selection you may have to overcome some obstacles of your own for choosing the most profitable keywords for your Internet business. You've probably learned quite a few interesting methods for refining your keyword research and finding those keywords that are potentially profitable for you. There always seems to be a little more that can be learned at the end of the day though. If you need to have a little bit of a refresher though, keep these thoughts in mind.

1. Be Aware that Quality Trumps Quantity

This is true each and every time. If your keywords help you pre qualify your visitors or uses triggers such as buy, save money on, or countless other keywords that target people who are ready to make the purchase you have won half the battle and should enjoy a much higher conversion rate than those keywords that target people seeking information.

2. Be Ethical

Good ethics are becoming increasingly difficult to come by these days. No matter how many wonderful keywords you come up with they are going to ring false if they are promoting a lie. Be honest in your advertising and in your dealings with your customers. The last thing you want is to create a bad reputation among customers and the Internet marketing community.

3. Be Helpful

Make sure your website gives your readers everything they need in order to buy the product or service you are selling. Make it simple to buy from you. There is nothing more frustrating than a complicated purchasing process or a website that makes finding anything of value other than a sales page difficult. Make sure that every aspect of your website is tested and true in order to offer help and ease of purchasing to your visitors.

4. Be Transparent

It's perfectly acceptable to let people know that they can buy things on your website. In fact, it's much better to be obvious and crystal clear than it is to have your visitors wondering exactly what the purpose of your website may be. Let them know you have the products they are looking for, that you are eager to sell them, and then show them other ways you can be of service to them.

5. Be Competitive

Don't just create a web page, stock it with useful and relevant keywords, and then throw it to fate to do with what she will. Track your results, monitor your traffic, find out where the sales are coming from and what keywords are converting well for you. Take the time to get in there and find out what's what on your web site and in your finances rather than sitting on the sidelines and hoping for the best. If something isn't working, change it. Then, try again.

The Internet marketing field is one that is highly competitive and growing more so each and every day. In addition to keyword research upfront you will need to devote serious effort to staying on top of your game and working your way to the top of the search engine rankings.


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