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´╗┐Why Niche Marketing is the New Trend?

from: Internet Exposed Files

In short, niche marketing is the trend in the Internet world because of the large number of sites existing dealing with general topics. Politics, for example, is covered by major sites, such as and The way smaller Internet marketers can find a way to make their blogs successful, then, is to cash in on the niche marketing trend. A political site, may focus on one specific political topic, such as employment issues or poverty issues. Other sites may opt for funny political stories or a certain brand of sarcasm that becomes the trademark of that site and fits its user expectations.

The benefits of niche marketing are plenty. First, the focus on a narrow topic makes content creation much easier. A site about lacrosse will limit the focus of the writers for the site. One can learn about lacrosse through magazines, news feeds, and social networking sites, such as Stumble Upon, and have loads of information to include on the niche site without wading through extraneous information.

Another benefit to focusing on a narrow segment of the market is that finding that segment will be easier. Consider parenting as an example. The broad topic can include information from reviews of baby products to advice for dads of teenagers. Instead, a niche marketer may consider focusing on a smaller group, such as parents who believe in attachment parenting. This minority philosophy has a dedicated following. Finding out where to target the AP parents online is a matter of determining the most popular sites for these people and purchasing ad space or engaging in other basic marketing practices to get these parents to the new site.

Niche marketing is a trend also because as the Internet continues to grow, users must limit the places they visit online. Most people find they could surf the Internet endlessly reading articles, commenting on forums, perusing blogs, and otherwise engaging with people who have similar interests. Few people have unlimited time, however, and most find they need to limit where they visit. Niche sites are a perfect way for the user to limit visits online because a niche site includes such narrow information that a person can know she will be interested in the majority of the information on the site. Bookmarking this site and returning to it often, then, makes sense and is a user-generated reason behind the growing niche marketing trend.

Finally, niche sites are gaining in popularity because they are easier to organize. The navigation of a site becomes more important as Internet users get more sophisticated. Many people instinctively steer away from sites they cannot navigate easily, and that includes sites with too much information. Sites with a smaller amount of information have an easier time guiding users through finding that information. As the Internet continues to expand, it is likely many topics will continue to narrow as readers need to focus their Internet time, and site owners need to gain control over the sheer amount of information available for consumption.


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