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´╗┐How to Reduce or Limit Click Fraud?

from: Internet Exposed Files

You've probably heard that click fraud presents a pretty big problems for some who decide to use pay per click advertising. The good news is that there are steps you can take that will minimize your risk or the amount of money you stand to lose. Keep reading to learn the steps you can take so that your pay per click campaign doesn't become a victim of click fraud and you have greater chance of enjoying the successful outcome you know pay per click campaigns can bring.

So, what small changes can you make in order to bring about big results?

Set Low Limits

The greatest benefit of pay per click ad campaigns for many advertisers is the fact that you can set the limits of your campaign. This means you can set your limits as low or high as you would like them to be. If you fear click fraud you can set the limits low so that you you are not hit as hard if click fraud occurs. Carefully monitoring of your stats will enable you to recognize any click fraud that is taking place and make the necessary changes to avoid further instances of click fraud.


There are quite a few tools that you can use, many of them offer free trials, that will prevent your pay per click advertising campaigns from fraudulent clicks. Some of them even provide you with the proof you need to get refunds for those fraudulent clicks. The right tools can make all the difference in the world when it comes to protecting your pay per click campaign from click fraud. In addition you will find that many tools provide even more benefits that allow you to track results, assist you in keyword generation and selection, and determine which keywords are providing the best return on investment.


As mentioned above, there is no substitute for carefully monitoring the clicks to your website. These clicks each cost you money and should bring about some manner of results. If you are receiving a large amount of clicks without any results or with fewer results than normal it is a good idea to shut things down or adjust your click limit for the day so that no more click fraud can take place.

The right tools can also be critical in helping you organize your campaign. It is much easier to handle all aspects of your campaign when you can view them through a single interface or you have software that helps you sort through the information in order to find the details that can help you make your campaign a true success.

Knowing the different steps you can take to limit click fraud and the impact it can have on your pay per click campaign can create a much more profitable future for your campaigns today and in the future. More importantly, you can enjoy this great success without excessive worry over possible click fraud.


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