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´╗┐How to Make Your Press Release Stand Out?

from: Internet Exposed Files

If your press release is not emotional, controversial or engaging it does your business no good. Businesses may think that just sending out a press release is enough but they would be wrong. Your press release has to create or inspire an emotional response from the journalist reading it. Journalist receive hundreds of press releases a day, even smaller local publications can receive a significant amount of press releases. Dry, boring and uninteresting releases will just be glanced over and placed back at the bottom of the pile.

An effective way to increase interest in a press release is to go with a hook. An angle that is sure to be of interest to journalist and to the audience that reads their publication. A press release that informs the audience of how they can save money through your business is more effective than a press release that just lists general product information. Keeping informed of current events and trends can help you decide what information needs to be included.

A new business that releases one press release and gets no media coverage may think press releases are an ineffective form of advertising and decide to spend their time and resources on other marketing methods. Big mistake. The benefits of the press release are numerous, especially to startup and small businesses that suffer from cash flow problems.

Though not every press release you send out will be picked up by making sure to use the right format, create an interesting headline, keeping the length trim and answering questions instead of trying to sell press releases you are much likelier to gain attention. Press releases may also get limited press at first due to lack of company reputation. As your company continues to consistently send out press releases, your business will become more recognizable to journalist, and as they find out more about your business they may then decide to publish your press releases.

Too many press releases are submitted to general interest magazines and newspapers, instead of taking advantage of targeted publications that offer exposure to a businesses prime audience. For example, a small business that sells auto parts should be sending press releases to publications read by manufactures, resellers and consumers that need auto parts. Since these publications are targeting a specific audience, they are also more likely to have unfilled spots that a press release can fill.

When mailing out press releases, the use of a different colored envelope can catch the attention of a journalist and get your press release opened and examined before others in the same pile. Some businesses even choose to print their press releases on colored paper in hopes that their information will get a closer inspection. An eye-catching business logo is also a great way of getting a second glance from a frustrated and rushed journalist. If your company does not have a company, logo create one! Companies can choose to create their own using software designed for the purpose, purchase read-made logos or enlist the assistance of a logo design company.


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