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Ten Tips On Buying, Selling And Flipping Websites

from: Internet Exposed Files

Website buying, selling and flipping has grown considerably in the past few years and it is often observed that lack of knowledge or failure to adhere to basic rules of trade has ended up causing a lot of people a lot of anguish. Here are some tips for you to achieve the most out of the sale, buy or any other kind of deal involving websites.

Tips for Buying a Website:

1. A website’s clear title is to be duly secured from the website seller. As online properties are in demand and the title keeps on changing hands often, one should ensure that all the sale deeds are clean and genuine.

2. One should have an appropriate purchase contract executed, duly written and signed by both the parties to ensure the proper transfer of the online virtual property. If required one should appoint an attorney based on the size of the deal. One should ensure that the attorney will fairly write his view on the title of the website.

3. If possible one should have an escrow agent involved, as the buyer can deposit money with escrow and the payment will be made only if all the valid conditions of the buyer are satisfied.

4. The deal is not to be considered as complete until the domain owner’s name with the registrar is duly changed. The buyer should also ensure that he or she gets all the required control panel access, pass codes and other relevant details.

Tips for Selling a Website:

5. One should determine the price of the website before it is offered for sale. This can also be done by taking third party appraisal report. The appraisal report given by the third party will have to be displayed in full or part on the website landing page to attract more number of buyers.

6. The website should be efficiently run till the last date of the sale. Buyers will only be interested in buying functional websites rather than dead websites which are of little use to them.

7. One should offer highly accurate and appropriate information about the contact details and other business plans on the websites as most of the buyers do not mind paying more if they are dealing with genuine and accurate information providing website sellers. One should place the details of search engine rankings, website traffic reports and the information about the validity of registration. These details will attract the buyers, who prefer transparency in their deals.

Tips for Flipping a Website:

8. When one plans to flip a website, they should take due care to be within the identified niche with sufficient market growth.

9. The website should be flipped with a high traffic generating website and one should take due care not to flip with low traffic websites. This will also ensure that the new website will generate huge income for the buyer instead of slashing down the current income.

10. One should ensure that all the traffic related statistics and reports are genuine before flipping the website. One should appropriately analyze and estimate the future growth and traffic of the flipping deal before going ahead.

As with any business deal, a deal involving virtual real estate also requires that you follow a certain pattern to ensure fairness and safety of all parties concerned. Only then will the deal be worth the money.


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